A tell-tale phantom

So, I’ve been putting off starting this blog for a long time.  There have been the occasional, paranormal phenomena, the incredibly funny YouTube video, or unbelievable news story, or even the rampant inner-monologue at the injustices served upon my step-children by their egg donor.  None of which, to date, has brought me to actually posting a damn thing (though a draft of a letter to said egg-donor’s compadres may wait somewhere in the wings).

Regardless.  I have constantly battled with the fear and realization of night terrors since before I could speak the words to explain my profuse terror of the night.  I have thought, since reading a Tell-Tale Heart in 7th grade, that perhaps writing may soothe my seemingly tortured soul and set free what demons may (for lack of better definition for my disorder) plague my brain. 

I’ve decided to dedicated this blog site to primarily that.  My novel idea (and a novel this novel idea is, to be frank) as well as other musings that may come about while I decide to write it.

My most recent night terror and those of the past, about which some may be curious, I’ll leave to another post.


About lacysereduk

Writer, reader, video game lover, and Batman.
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