D2: Touched .. Finished Cover

Here’s a look at the final cover of #DISCERMENT II: TOUCHED.  I’ll add another post when it passes the print check and is available for sale.  For signed copies, please send me a message with your details; I can take payments via Paypal  or Google Wallet.

Enjoy, dear readers, and be on the lookout for DISCERNMENT III; coming soon.

D3 cover


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Writer, reader, video game lover, and Batman.
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2 Responses to D2: Touched .. Finished Cover

  1. Mike Andberg says:

    Lacy, Really cool that you liked my painting “Orchestral Movement.” Are you, perhaps, a musician in addition to a writer? Congratulations on your newest book “Discernment II – Touched.” I, too, have written but am still in the throws of establishing a social media platform before publishing. How did you stumble upon my website? I will continue to check up on yours and learn some more about you and your writing successes. Thanks again for your ‘Like.” – Mike Andberg

    • lacysereduk says:

      Sadly, I never became a musician but I love orchestral music and your picture reminded me of the happy feelings that music conveys. It’s such an amazing thing; to see so many people playing from their sheets and how each of those single instruments bond together and make songs. I don’t remember how I found your blog. I’ll let you know if I remember. I wrote the first book mainly for myself so I didn’t really plan to actually promote it. People really liked it so I’m writing more and just figuring it out as I go. Thanks for the comment (and compliments) and good luck to you with getting your platform established!

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