What’s wrong with your novel?

When people read your novel, do they say without enthusiasm, “Oh, yeah, it was… great.”
Do they ask, “Were you seriously going to publish that?”
Do potential reviewers and awards centers shuffle away, politely, while saying, “Yes, it’s a great story but…”
Do you have a great story, a funny story, a cosmic story, exhilarating, titillating, epic, and fascinating story but people keep smiling and patting you on the head?

Having read everything from a book about a horse named Lucille to Les Miserables and War & Peace, I can help you.  For twenty bucks, I will give you a line by line review of the first ten chapters of your novel, no holds barred, to help you understand what you may be doing wrong.  Knowing where your readers might get confused, irritated, aggravated, or bored, can help you become the best author that you can be.

The jury may still be out, on whether or not I’m a great author with my first novel, Discernment, but I’m an avid reader and can provide an analytical, intellectual reader’s perspective.  I don’t care what the genre or intended age of audience.  I’ve read so many crappy books by self-published authors and am fairly positive that either they’re not being honest with themselves or no one else is.  I’ve seen so many that submitted their books for awards (and actually paid for it) that, to me, this is a much cheaper and reasonable option to find out whether or not your book is just bad or needs a little help.  My co-reviewers will also weigh in but not as heavily as I will.

One of the best things about doing this, is that, without an editor, you’ll have a second pair of eyes (or four) to help find the things you or people you know may have missed.  The preferred way of sending me your work is by sharing it through a Google Doc.  This will give me the ability to comment on words, sections, even entire chapters.  Turn around time is less than 72 hours (unless your chapters are 20 pages long).  If you’re interested but don’t want to pay right away until you know what you might get, you can send me the first two pages (or a link to the first pages) and I’ll do that for free.  Paypal or Google Wallet will be the way to go.  If you like what you see with the first ten chapters, I can provide a quote, based on novel length, to provide feedback and edits on the entire thing.  Just let me know when we get to that point.

Happy writing!


About lacysereduk

Writer, reader, video game lover, and Batman.
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