Thought I’d try a little writing

I haven’t written in a long time so I thought I’d give it a little shot tonight because I had these words running in my head.  As I’ve learned, the best way to move on is to just write it down.  Feedback is always appreciated.  Hope you enjoy.

black-and-white-1283234_640The Packaged Soul
by Lacy Sereduk

You see me but you really only see the body that I possess.  You see a person but not who I am.  You think that you know me but, you’ve never looked beyond what your eyes can see.  You’ve never searched around and felt who I am with your mind.  You look at me and I feel as if I’m trapped inside of this body and you don’t even know that I’m here.

I see you inside of your body and I’ve learned about you.  About everything you aren’t hiding and tried to guess at your secrets.  I know you and I love you but I know that you can’t love me because you don’t know who I am.

I am not these clothes or that poor choice.  I am not that grade or that mistake.  I am not this hair or that addiction.  I am not that tattoo, that scar, that lipstick, that thing I said, that joke I told.  I do not simply consist of my packaging.  I am something different.  Unique.  Just like you.

I am a soul that can speak, feel, love, have desires, fears, and happiness.  I am lonely inside this cage of a body.  I am sad that no one has found me yet.  I know that you are in there so why don’t you know that I am in here?  Do you not want to know so you pretend that you don’t?  Did you see me once and decide you don’t want to know me more?  Perhaps you’re just content with seeing the outside of me and moving through the actions of living is just more important.

I am the animal at the zoo that gets looked at but never touched.  The desk worker that tells you to take that hallway and is never spoken to again.  The fancy car that holds memories but sits in a lot.  I am the grandmother’s china that sits on display; holding stories you don’t ask to hear.  I am the daughter, the sister, the brother, the son, the wife, husband, the worker, the boss.  I am the soul that sits across from you at the dinner table.

You are in there and I see you and I love you.  I am in here.  Please find me, love me.

See me.


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Writer, reader, video game lover, and Batman.
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