My name is Elisabeth

sundress-336590_640But that’s not what matters.  My name doesn’t matter because my name doesn’t mean anything.  “A rose by any other” and whatnot.  But I am not a rose.  No, no, I am definitely far from being a rose.  What am I?  Well, perhaps you can tell me because I’m just not quite sure.  I’m kind of hoping that maybe you might be able to help me.

Hm, now I’m thinking.  Do I really need help?  I mean, do I really need to know what I am?  Does anyone else?  Sometimes I think it would be good if people knew but, others… Sometimes I think it would be better if nobody knew.  Like, if I just went to my special place and nobody came back.  Sure, eventually someone may find my friends and I but, by then, even who I was wouldn’t matter because my name would be long gone.  I’d still be a mystery.  A file somewhere.  Old dust.

Maybe I should tell you about my friends.  That may be a good place to start.  That whole: guilty by association kind of thing.  Perhaps that would be the best way to introduce myself.  Maybe you’ll find some clues.  I don’t have many friends but the ones I do have are certainly not going anywhere.  I liked them a lot so I made sure that we were friends for life.  Sometimes I wonder if they like our little place but I picked it out just for them.  Well, actually, I picked it out for my very first friend and then just brought any new ones there to show it to them.

I should start with my first friend.  She had a name but, like I said, names don’t mean anything.  She was very pretty when I met her but she’s even more beautiful now, as she’s grown with age.  You could say that she’s very fond of Mother Earth.  She tells me stories about the squirrels that will visit her and she even has her own names for them.  Sometimes I think she makes up the stories but, on occasion, a few of our other friends will confirm.  They say that she doesn’t make them up because, they too, have witnessed the squirrels.

There is, of course, stories about birds, bugs, deer, that kind of thing but it’s usually the squirrels she talks about.  See, I don’t get to spend every day in our special place but I try to visit often.  Sometimes, I take new friends with me and introduce them.  They always love the place and so they stay.  When I come back to visit, you can bet that they’re going to have some new stories for me.  I love going there.

So, you’re probably wondering what has brought me to question what I am.  Well, I found a new friend that I really liked.  He asked me to go out with him on a date and I really liked him.  We had a great time but, for some reason, he sort of stopped talking to me for a bit.  Well, my mother always said to “kill them with kindness” when someone wasn’t happy with you so that’s what I did.  I started taking him candy at his work or swinging by his house with beer and some pizza.  I did all the things that I knew he would like.  I was going to make him very happy.  I told him that I wanted to show him our special place and he came with me.

He was very curious to meet my friends and especially excited to actually hear a story about a squirrel straight from my favorite friends’ mouth.  Well, here’s what happened: I took him to our special place and told him all about each friend so that he wouldn’t forget who they were when he met them.  He was very excited and I was very excited.  I’m getting goose bumps and chills just thinking about how much fun it was.

I brought him in and you should have seen the look on his face when he met my friends.  It was like the shock of pure joy that he finally got to see that they were real.  Well, of course they all wanted him to stay so.. I helped him.  I thought he would be so happy but, for some reason, the last thing he said to me before I had to leave and go cleanup was, “You’re a monster.”  I don’t know why he would have said that.  I didn’t even make him all that messy because I didn’t want to ruin his handsome face.  A face that, over time, as he grows, is going to be even more handsome.  So incredibly delightful to think about our future together.

Anyway, I’ll have to keep this short because I still have a lot of cleaning up to do but I just don’t understand that thing he said.  I’m not a monster.  I know that I’m not.  Otherwise, I wouldn’t have all these great friends, now would I?  So, it just leaves to ponder just what I am.  Maybe you might be able to help me.


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