The Intruder

moonlight-through-trees-1616303_640I’m just sitting here, browsing the net, and I heard something in the other room.  I’m supposed to be alone in the house but maybe the noise was actually from outside, a mouse, a bird on the roof, something stuck in the attic (never happened before here but I’ve heard that it could).  I’m actually a little hesitant to type because it seems like every key-stroke is a little amplified.  I’m just gonna type this out.. Just in case.  As the night goes on, if nothing happens and I’m just being silly, I’ll delete it.  If this turns into anything decent, I’ll post it.

… I just heard a loud thumping.  Not like your stereotypical “thump”, per se.  This was like a drunk person stumbling into a piece of furniture or something and much further away than from whence I heard the original noise.

Okay, I’m going to try and stay focused here to explain what’s going on.  I’m smoking a cigarette and staring at the screen; ears on high alert for any other noises.  I heard what kind of sounded like a soft “pat” of a footfall that was ill placed.  I’m gonna’ grab my flashlight and the baseball bat I got for my 13th birthday and go make sure all of the doors are locked.

Okay, doors are locked and I didn’t see anything unusual.  I heard some light tapping but, after looking out the front window, I can see there’s some light rain or just dripping coming off of the roof so I’ll just chalk the tapping up to that.  I turned off all of the lights in all the general areas; you know, living room, hall, kitchen.  I’m back browsing the net with my door shut .  I keep looking at the door.  I don’t know why.  The tapping sound had come from just beyond there, it seems, so I think I may be unintentionally psyching myself out that something is going to come through that door.

Stop it, brain.  Stop being so silly and childish.  There’s nothing outside of that door and the sounds are normal.  Normal, everyday sounds.  You just never noticed them until now.  I look at the door again.  Searching for any light betraying someone on the other side.  So far, potential dear readers, I’m chalking this one up to just being paranoid.

So, Michael called.  He’s a good buddy of mine and he wanted to talk about some equipment and mechanical things.  He took my mind off of the sounds in the house since we’re old friends.  You know the kind where you know a little bit about something but they’re the guru at it?  Yeah, it was like that.  We had some minor small engine stuff and large engine stuff that we were discussing.  Nothing major to go into but I got some good ideas on how  to fix some things myself. Michael has been my savior in the past so, no matter what he wants to chat about, I just listen and try to understand the best I can.  I’m not a mechanic but I know the basics.  I’ve known Michael for at least ten years so, just chatting is kind of a “home away from home”.

As we’re chatting, I hear some seriously non-descript noises in the other room.  I’m getting tired and (since I’m not a total gear-monkey) I tell Michael that I should probably go.  I need to get some sleep but I’m secretly just wishing for the silence to listen to my house for a bit.  I want to logically analyze and determine what this sound is before I fall asleep.  I would love for it to be a raccoon or something but I kind of know that it’s something a bit more than that.


As I’m writing this.. I heard that sound again.  Like something large and heavy running into furniture.  I don’t know where it’s coming from.  I’m not sure if I should stay here or check it out.

So, I stayed and just listened.  The house was quiet.  The animals outside seem calm and I’m not too worried.  I did, this time, check all of the windows.  I found two that were locked but, the latch of the lock wasn’t even engaged because the windows weren’t shut all of the way.  I’ve checked everything, locked everything, made sure the windows were locked shut, and even checked the pantry and entry-way closet to ensure that no one can get in.

I’m just sitting in my bed, trying to keep myself occupied until I feel like I can go to sleep unaided by some high-powered prescription or alcohol.  I’ve been having trouble sleeping.

Hey gals and guys, here I am.  Reading another story when I hear footsteps on the carpet outside of my closed bedroom door.  I…  I can still hear a very small swooshing of garments… Like someone is shifting their weight outside the door.  I just heard a car door shut.  I’m sure it’s the neighbors but wtf is the explanation for the noise right outside my bedroom door?  I’m tentative to go check.

I keep looking at the door.  It’s locked from the inside and I’m regretting that I left my bat resting against my dresser that is right next to the door.  I really should have brought it to bed with me.  My eyes are getting tired.  My …

There were three angry footsteps that just resonated in the house somewhere.  I don’t know where because I’m not going to look.  My eyes are wide open, despite the burning.  My skin is alive in and of itself.  My bladder, for some reason, thinks that now is the optimal time to head to the toilet.  I don’t know what to do.  The room is cold but it really shouldn’t be.

And there’s another noise from the other room.  Something sort of made a muffled bang.  I’m just gonna sit here.

No!  I’m not just gonna’ sit here.  I’m going to sneak across the room and grab that baseball bat.  I look at my phone to see if, perhaps, Michael has texted me again even though he had said he was going to sleep.

No such luck.  My phone betrays a 13% battery life and no new messages.  My charger is in my office.  ~Bump~  There’s another new sound but it seems down the hall.  Who can I call?  Michael is 30 minutes away..  ~Pat, pat, pat~  Not too far from the door.. 911?  Would that be too ridiculous that I’d get charged with misuse if I called for emergency back up?  If proving not ridiculous, would they get here in time?

NO!  I decide.  I’m not going to let this freak me out.  I’m not going to let this ongoing bullshit derail my life.  I will not let some semi-random fear of the dark control my life.  I’m going to go for it.  Hang on, dear readers, if I do what I’m thinking.  This will either be posted or you’ll see this as “evidence C” should you be lucky enough to serve for jury duty.


Thankfully, I live in a country that allows guns.  Unthankfully, I have a condition the relegates my (by personal choice to keep guns far away from myself when enduring an episode such as this; lest I may shoot someone that doesn’t deserve to be shot.  Not sure why wielding a baseball bat is totally cool in society but.. whatever.

I sneak up to the door, hearing the pat, pat, pat, of someone trying to walk quietly in the dark.  Knowing I’d locked all the doors and checked the windows, I’m ever anxious as there is no one that has a key that would be coming round tonight.  My breath is heavy, I’m trying to slow it.  A cold breeze tightens my skin and raises the “goose flesh”.  I’m scared as hell.  My brow is singing from tautness, my breath caught in my throat.  I’m so amped up on adrenaline that I feel like I could take a bear but I know it’s not likely a bear that I’m about to encounter.

I slowly open the door and it makes a creeee-eeek that I didn’t expect.  I see a shadow flash from one corner to another.  Immediately on egg-shells, I walk from one side of the room to the other.  I look in corners, crevices, under couches.  You name it.  I look all over with my flashlight and my bat.  I turn lights on, I turn them off.  I do my due diligence.

Finally, exhausted and out of ideas, I head back to bed.  Doors are locked and windows are legitimately secure.  No sign of anyone or anything.  You can’t really count couch pillows being in a place that they didn’t seem before because: who tf acknowledges where couch pillows are?!  I did a thorough sweep and I am happy.  Until I start to head towards my room.  I feel a heavy presence and that bone I broke when I was 13 just starts to sing the song of it’s arthritic people.  Yes, could be a weather change but not likely.  It was forecasted.  My bone hurts.  My eyes are beginning to burn.  My mouth feels dry and I just want to lay down and forget about the world.

Wait!  I know what this is!  I’ve felt this way before.  Why didn’t I recognize it sooner?  …. I think they’re coming.

Finally, I’m laying down.  I’m still hearing a few things but they’re minor.  Nothing really note-worthy since a random animal sound is to be expected.  I’m just reading a story.. Entertaining, interesting enough, kinda dumb.  Wait.. I just heard another footstep.

The cold air on my arms is giving me goose-flesh.. A door just shut somewhere across the house.  I’m supposed to be alone.  Perhaps I should grab my bat and check out the house again.  Um… There’s the sound of breathing in my room.

I’m ..

Sort of

Afraid to type….

I can hear it.. down at the end of the bed.  Near my feet.

OMG!  I didn’t cover my feet with the blanket but I can not only hear it’s breathing but I think I can feel the moisture of it’s breathing on my feet…

Oh fuck.

I’m trying to play it cool here.  There’s a weight pressing down on the end of the bed near my feet.  Like a single weight.

Fuck me.  Now another.  Like something that it crawling forward.  I can feel two weights; sorta equally displaced pressing down.  Um.. This light from the screen is in my eyes and I can’t see my feet.  Oh my fucking god!  I don’t wanna type because it just seems so amplified in the dark.

……It’s coming!


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