This isn’t mine

wheelchair-1501993_640Something very weird is happening to me and I don’t know if it’s all in my head, if I need an exorcist, or a counselor.  My buddies are saying that I’m just stressed and things are hard right now and, what family I have told, say that I should see a counselor.  I’m not into that head shrink bull shit but now I’m doubting myself.  I mean, yes, I’m stressed, I’m under a lot of pressure, and things are hard because my life hasn’t gotten back to normal yet (lengthy hospital stay).  But I just can’t let myself believe that this is all in my head.

So, I’ve been back home for maybe three weeks and some weird stuff started a few days after I got back.  It just seems to be getting worse.  At first, it was maybe the occasional light flicker; maybe a storm, right?  Then maybe cupboard open that I thought was closed.  But, now?  Now it is so much worse. 

I think it was about a week ago, I was in the bathroom and was running some water for an Epsom salt bath.  My joints still ache and my bones still hurt so I wanted to relax.  The bath was running and steam was filling the room, I was gathering some things like a book, a drink, I don’t know, just stuff to keep me occupied.  Anyway, I was setting some things down on the counter and I could have sworn I saw my bathrobe move behind me in the mirror’s reflection.  I turned, I looked, it wasn’t moving, I turned back around just in time to catch the water droplets on the mirror sliding sideways and down.  The way they would if someone had brushed the mirror with a towel or a hand.

I was a little freaked out but I told myself it was just the drugs I’d been prescribed for pain management.  I don’t know if you’ve ever broken your ribs before but this shit is no joke.  Fast forward a few days and the next very weird thing happened.  I woke up to the smell of bacon frying.  This is unusual because I live alone and I was alone and I’m pretty sure I didn’t make any bacon.  I thought maybe a buddy had stopped by to check on me and decided to make me some breakfast.  I was pretty excited until I went in the kitchen and found the frying pan and a dirty plate in the sink.

Okay, so, someone comes over, unannounced, eats my bacon and then starts the world’s creepiest game of hide and seek?  Needless to say, I went through the house, room by room, hobbled my broke ass outside and checked for signs of people or recognizable cars but there was nothing.  Back inside and into the kitchen only to find the pan and the plate clean and put away but the smell still remaining.  I love bacon but, at the time, the smell made me sick to my stomach with unease.  I went and found the pills that I’d been prescribed and Googled every one of them to see if hallucinations were a side effect.  Sad to report, it isn’t.

Little things like the lights flickering continued and there’d be the occasional voice or phantom footstep.  I was seriously beginning to think about moving out but this is my place and I can’t really afford to move with the current medical bills and not being able to work.  I can’t go back to work for six more weeks.  That’s eight weeks plus the hospital time of no income.  I’ve tried to get the doctor to say I could go back early but he won’t budge.  Just tells me that I’m lucky to be alive, take it easy, and enjoy life.  This isn’t exactly what I would call enjoyable.  Even if my car wasn’t totaled, I can’t even drive until I’m off these meds.  The one thing to look forward to is the hope that my insurance will get my car fixed (after the deductible that I can’t afford) since it wasn’t my fault.  It’s my firm opinion that, if an uninsured, drunk douchebag hits you going 80+, they should be forced to work every day while you get their paycheck until you can go back to work.

Anyway, so I’ll admit that I’m under a lot of stress but I’m pretty sure that stress doesn’t cause what’s been happening and certainly can’t account for what happened.  It started a few hours ago while I was taking yet another bath, this time relaxing with some whiskey.  I was just sitting in the tub, feeling the heat of the water soaking into my bones, feeling joints and muscles relax as the sound of little bubbles popped across my torso.

It was quiet, at first, but it sounded like it was coming from inside the bathroom.  So quiet that it could have been in another room but the sound was so clear it was like the sound coming from someone in the room but on the lowest electric volume.  It took a few seconds to figure out what it was but I could have sworn it was noise of someone sobbing.  The more intently I seemed to listen, the louder it got.  Louder and louder until I felt like I recognized the voice.  It was my voice but I wasn’t making those sounds.  I sat there, petrified, until it was so loud that I thought I would have to join with it in agony if it didn’t stop.  I covered my ears, causing little waves of water cascading toward my knees and tiny waterfalls off of my elbows.  I prayed in my head for it to stop but it didn’t.  Just as I was contemplating jumping up to get out of that room, the water around my midsection erupted about two feet higher than the rim of the tub and bubbles and bath water went everywhere.  The curtain was then violently yanked open and the noise stopped abruptly.

There was no one there.  No one in the bathroom, door still shut, water now all over the floor.  I can barely stand the pain of bending over to do my own laundry and now I have this mess to clean up.  That whole bath incident was weird and scary and I’m getting really tired of the stuff that’s been going on in my house but the worst thing, the thing that I just can’t wrap my head around and makes me question my sanity, was what happened after the bath.  I had gotten out, dried off, eased into my robe, and went to sit on the couch with my whiskey.  I was planning on getting hammered tonight but I’ve decided that I’m not interested in seeing the world with a clear head.

As I made my way into the living room…  I swear, for a split second, I saw a woman pushing a wheel chair straight at me.  I almost dropped the bottle of whiskey in shock as I blinked out of a wide eyed stare and she was gone.  The wheel chair was gone.  It was just me, alone, as it should be.  I tried to shake it off and just head to the couch.  Could be the booze mixed with the hot water, I tried to tell myself.  But, this is the weird thing, when I put the bottle and glass down on the coffee table, to ease myself onto the couch, I noticed a bill from the hospital I must have put there earlier.

I think they mixed up some accounts or something.  It’s got my name, my address, and some of the treatments listed but there are lines for other services.  Life support, rental of a hospital wheel chair for more days than there should have been, and bilateral amputation.  This isn’t mine.


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