Friday The 13th & Clowns

In Discernment, I write about a dream I had with a clown, a large house, a great expanse of grass, and being chased on playground equipment. I think it was in volume 2: Touched. My mom always said that my bad dreams came from scary books I read or scary movies I watched and I always told her that wasn’t the case.
Well, that dream occurred sometime after the year 2000 but mom was right. Season 1, episode 1 of Friday the 13th when it aired in 1987. If you’ve read that chapter and want to see what I was describing in the dream, I can now literally send you a link to see the exact location in which it was set.
I’m watching this old tv show because it was my favorite as a kid. Kinda blows my mind to be old enough to understand how my thoughts and feelings (at such a young age) were connected to the scenes and explains a lot about the psychology behind that particular dream.  Neither after dreaming about it or writing about it did I recognize the surroundings.  I’ve been chased by that particular demon clown in dreams before and in different locations but only once on that particular property.

Watching the show again, I felt pity for the girl and understood how she was feeling and even thought to myself that I wished that I had had a magic doll to protect me from bullies.  As a child, it’s not likely that I understood those thoughts and internalized them to try and assist in my own situation.  Most likely, my subconscious held on to the image of where the girl had power but, in my dream, instead of myself having power, I was still the victim.
I think what it says to me is this: at the time of the dream, I was being hunted by a form of evil and wanted to be strong so my dream took me to a place where someone similar to me was able to be strong.  In the show, the little girl has a power so she knows that she is strong.  In reality, I feel that I have no power so I lost in the dream.  I think it may have been my subconscious picking the battle ground and my memory failing at recognizing that this was a battle field of a previous semi-win.  Now, if you watch the episode, you’ll probably wonder why I’d think as I do on it but it is what it is.  It’s a curiosity.  The whole reason for this post is just to “alert the media”, as it were, to the interesting information I’ve uncovered.
*Bonus fact*  I taught myself ventriloquism when I was 12 and almost acquired a doll in an antique shop in Kuna prior to ten.  Gee, I wonder why.
That is all.

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