Chapter 13

Chapter 13 is a collection of 5 short stories involving characters from the Discernment novels one through three.  Even though three isn’t completed yet, I decided to take a break and write something else.  Two of the stories are from book one, one from book two, one from book three, and the last one… Well, you’ll just have to read it and find out for yourselves.

It is now available for download on Amazon for the low, low price of one dollar and I won’t be making a paperback edition (since it’s short) -*edit: I did because I had to order a copy for my daughter that is featured on the cover; let me know if you want to buy one.  I hope you enjoy and, as always, can’t wait to hear your feedback on my newest writing.

Here’s an excerpt that I particularly enjoy:
The ropes burn but hold as the duct tape melts silvery across her mouth and she sings to me.  She sings for me alone in the little house I’ve built for her on my mountain property.  As her clothes and skin join the chorus and the plywood behind her catches the light, I know it’s time to step back.  Her shadow dances and moves around her now, free and released from her body; and the heat of her life-force reminds me of that special warmth of childhood.  Whether it’s a warmth I’d actually felt, or just read about, I can’t recall; but it seems to me that the feeling would be exactly the same.

Here’s the link and the cover:

The 13th Chapter


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